The Beautiful Ghosts – Atomic Disco

Directed, Produced, Shot, Edited & Written by Butch Gerald
Second Camera: Bailey Cook

The Beautiful Ghosts:
Alisha Everett: Vocals
Butch Gerald:
All Guitars & Bass, Drums, Synths, Vocals

Very special thanks to everyone who contributed their groovy moves: Alisha Everett, Bailey Cook, Anik Roy, Kevin Gaudet, Jay Ashley, Terrence James McAuley, Jen Matsunaga, Josée Drouin, Zacharie Drouin-Hill, Xavier Drouin-Hill, Anabelle Trepanier, Maroun Boutros, Sarah Boutros, Diane Lebrun, Julie Lebrun, Luigi C. Saracino, Christopher Flower, Céline Traversy, Stirling Heywood, Shawn Malette and Ayesha Harji.