My name’s Gerald. Butch Gerald.

I’m an Ottawa-born songwriter/producer/musician. A majority of my material is currently being represented by several publishers, with 100+ TV and international media placements under my belt. I’ve been in the game for some time with an extensive and eclectic catalogue of 200+ fully-produced songs (and climbing), ranging from pop and electropop to rock, indie, punk & hardcore/metal, and sharing a wealth of material to those listening (I also write, record, produce, mix, perform everything on my albums and pick from a roster of awesome select vocalists to sing my tunes).

So, that’s the skinny.

Some of the tools I use to create:

Drums, Electronic Loops, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass, Synths, Vocals, Percussion

The Voices:

Melissa Denyse Welch
Catherine Sugrue
Dan Sidoli
Alisha Everett
Ulyn Small
Sylvain Lavigne
Bailey Cook
Anik Roy

Current publishing/licensing:

Black Toast Music
Gothic Storm/Songcraft
Working Brilliantly
Twisted Jukebox
Triple Scoop Music
Silver Sun Productions
United Entertainment & Media (UEM)

Placement for TV:

“MTV’s TeenMom2”
(Songs by The Beautiful Ghosts – Also a Featured MTV Artist)

S8:EP11 Swiping and Griping – Songs Featured: Heartbreak Blvd, Spectacular
S8:EP12 Somewhere Else – Song Featured: Spectacular
S8:EP13 Winter in Summer – Song Featured: That Exact Moment
S8:EP14 Oh the Places You’ll Go – Songs Featured: Dancing on Orion, When the Music Starts & Stay Idle
S8:EP17 In Sod We Trust – Song Featured: That Exact Moment
S8:EP21 Unseen Moments – Song Featured: The Big Star
S8:EP42 Jenelle Vs Barb – Song Featured: That Exact Moment
S8:EP43 Law and Disorder – Song Featured: Spectacular
S8:EP51 Kailyn’s Biggest Blow Ups – Song Featured: Stay Idle
S9:EP16 He Didn’t Look Like A Prince – Song Featured: My Life (This Is)

“Home and Away”

Episode 7562: Traverton – Oblivious


S7:E1 Sweet Home Floribama: Tones For Twilight – Jerk
S7:E8 Sweetwater Challenge 2: Tones For Twilight – Fragments of You

Japanese, German & Australian TV:

Traverton – The Visitor (Japan, Germany & New Zealand)
Traverton – Would It Kill You? (Japan)
Traverton – Matter With You (Japan)
The Grave Dangers – Be My Guess (New Zealand)


100 Years of Montreal Canadians (WarnerBros)
Rockem Socken Volumes 23-27 (WarnerBros/VSC Corp)
Butch Gerald – All Instrumental Rock Segments
Traverton – Jolt
Traverton – Big Nothing
The Woundup – A Minute Or Two


The Woundup – A Minute or Two (US)
The Woundup – True Fidelity (New Zealand)
The Grave Dangers – Fury (US)
The Grave Dangers – Be My Guess (New Zealand)
The Beautiful Ghosts – Here We Go (US)

International Media, Web & Streaming:

Back The Mains – Strike 3
Back The Mains – Twitch
Back The Mains – Suicide Glam
Clairemonte – Last Call
Clairemonte – One More Excuse
Clairemonte – The Floor Is Yours
The Grave Dangers – Bloodsucker
The Grave Dangers – Get Me Some
The Grave Dangers – Raise The Roof
Traverton – Disaster
Traverton – Jolt
Traverton – What Will Sorry Do?
Traverton – Thunderclap
Traverton – All I Know
The Woundup – A Minute Or Two
The Woundup – Dashboard & Dials
The Woundup – Best Worst Enemy
The Woundup – Quick Charm
The Woundup – The Music